Saturday, May 28, 2011

A hike and a whole lot of golfing!

Did anyone see the sun this week? I can't believe it's the last real week of May.. The sun is never here! Well Wednesday it came out full force, and I woke with an itch to go on a hike! Luckily I have the most amazing active mom, who woke up and readily agreed to go with me. She even took me to a lovely spot. The bell canyon waterfall! It took three hours, but laughing and talking with my mom made it all go by so quickly. I have missed her. With all the crazy that is going around our house this summer, we rarely get to just sit and talk. But this wednesday morning we did just that! I love her, she is my best friend, and I want to be just like her! I took lots of photos on our hike ( I love instagram, see first shout out here). So here is some of the beauty!

The rushing river as we walked up the mountain. It sounded so beautiful!

About halfway up the trail turned in to a stream. It was a little unexpected! And slippery! But so fun.

The beauty at the top! It was gushing, and definitely cold up there! I loved being up there though. Gosh nature is so beautiful! God really can be seen all around.

oh and don't worry, there was also plenty of this:

winter was way too long this year!!

Also- I have a new love: GOLFING! I never thought I would say that. When I was little I hit my mom in the head with a putter, and then a little while later squashed my brother inbetween two golf carts. That pretty much scared me for life. Or so I thought. But yesterday we went and hit balls. And it was fun! And after some work with the pro, I could hit it far (in comparison to where I hit it before, but at least it was off the ground!) I went with my family and we were laughing and playing around-- I love moments like that! Then today after breakfast with the fam, Ricki and I went with Austyn and Ciera to hit more balls. I love couple time with these two, they are the best sibling couple I could ever ask for-- and I love them! So with a sunburnt face, arms, and legs, with sore shoulders and forearms, I can officially say I like golf! And am ready for plenty more golf dates to come this summer.

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