Monday, June 27, 2011

The Perfect Night

We ate delicious pizza. Settebello's downtown is the best!
Followed by chocolate and Heath bar gelato
Then a drive through the Avenues together
Followed by a clean room and completed applications
Finished with phase 10 with my parents as we watched the stars come out.

I love summer.

Yes that is a picture of a sunset in Hawaii. But it pretty much sums up my mood right now.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was a blast! After Austyn and Ciera's wedding (pictures coming soon... I promise!), Mom, Dad, Ricki and I jetted down to St. George to see some sun, see some shows, and just relax. It was exactly the weekend we all needed before wedding planning gets really really busy!
On Friday, we drove down. Then ate some yummy Mexican food, and napped big time. We woke up just in time to hurry and get ready and then go see The Little Mermaid at Tuacahan. Go see it! Amazing what they have done to a disney classic. Everything about that show is so great!

Saturday was filled with lots of fun activities. We woke up and went on a beautiful bike ride through Snow Canyon (My bum still hurts). Ricki got a flat tire, but dad gave him his bike so we could have a ride on our own. I can't get over how beautiful it was! After that, we ate lunch at the Pizza Factory then went back and spent some quality time at the pool. The afternoon was filled with a nap, going to the theater to watch SUPER EIGHT (such a great flick), ate some Thai food at Benja's and then back to Tuacahan to see Grease!

Sunday we woke up early and went to church (always the best way to start a sunday). Next it was off to breakfast at The Bear Paw followed by an incredible hike to some water fields and little lake/ponds to swim in! The hike was so fun and so beautiful. Ricki is quite the mountain climber! I had lots of fun with him climbing all the red rock. I fell right towards the end and have some sweet scratches on my back to prove it, but it was fun nonetheless! After the hike we went back to the pool-- I read a great book called Love the One You're with by Emily Giffin, she is a great author! Then another nap, and getting ready to go to ANASAZI steakhouse. This was one of the coolest eating experiences I have had in a long time. It is fondue to the extreme, and cooking your own food on hot rocks! If you are ever in St. George going to eat there is a must. and the owner Jessica is a complete doll!! After eating ourselves silly we went back and watched the Heat/ Mavs game (while mom and I read some more). Then off to bed with our extremely exhausted selfs!

this was about ten seconds before I fell. You can see why!

Monday came and it was Dad's Birthday! (I won't share how old he is). We went on a bike ride around the Virgin River. It is full of water and so beautiful! Then we went back, packed, and went to Sweet Tooth Fairy for celebratory cupcakes. Then it was on our way to rainy Sandy! I loved this weekend and haven't had this much fun in a while.

Thanks mom and dad for the awesome weekend!

On a side note... I got mom addicted to this... and it is so fun to swap ideas back and forth!

True Love

1. He scratches my back and massages my feet to help me fall asleep.
2. He drives the car for my parents so they can sit in the back to read and canoodle (which is the exact thing he's doing now)
3. He hugs me EXACTLY when I need it, and holds it extra long just so I can relax.
4. He makes me try new things- and actually enjoy them (something that would rarely be the case pre-him)
5. He comes and reads all my blogs with me- enjoying them and offering his funny and very useful feedback.
6. The look he gives me right before we separate for the night- it makes my heart melt.
7. He let's me read my book while he watches basketball- even though I know he really wants me to watch with him.
8. He watches food network with me before we take a nap- and is actually starting to enjoy it!
9. He compliments me when I do my hair different- and then tells me just why he likes this new hairstyle so much.
10.He kisses me on the forehead or the cheek, just so he doesn't ruin my just applied lipstick.

weekend post coming soon- it was a blast!