Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Simple Act of Expression

For our last MCOM assignment we had to write about what writing means to us and then post it on our blog. Enjoy!

What does writing mean to me? If you asked me this question four months ago, my answer would be nothing. I saw writing as a nuisance. Writing was a stumbling block in the road, not the journey. At the beginning of the semester, I thought that becoming a good writer was not important to my business career. However, I approach the end of this semester on bended knee, retracting my statements as quickly as I previously issued them. As I look back on this semester I realized a surprising trait about myself; I love writing. When typing words on the screen I get lost in the moment. The world stops, and all I see are my thoughts being blurted across my MacBook.

At this point, let me make one thing clear. Writing does not come easy to me. I have been staring at this screen for 25 minutes now, with one paragraph to show for it. I compose a sentence, revise it, delete it, and then start again. My writing routine is extremely slow. The thought process in my head, with its unique string of thoughts and words, is what I enjoy the most about writing. Ideas flow in from every direction and only a select few are privileged enough to be expressed. Articulating my thoughts in a coherent matter is harder than I believed it would be. Writing consumes my thoughts, and I willingly give my brain to the topic at hand. Immersing myself in writing this semester has caused me to not only think different, but to approach the world different. Each situation in my life can become inspiration for a tweet, a blog post, or a journal entry.

Going forward, I hope to keep writing as much as I am now. Without practice, my writing will not progress. I now have the desire to be a great writer, not just a good one. After taking this class, I have decided to become an English minor with the hopes of improving my writing. As an accounting major, I need a small amount of creativity in my life. Debits and credits just don’t do it for me. My perception of writing is forever changed since taking this class, and I hope to continue to evolve my writing style. As I began to see how influential my writing could be I stopped talking the simple act of writing for granted. I can express my thoughts. And if I do it eloquently enough, people will listen. That simple statement holds all the power in the world. I can influence people – through a business report, a persuasive letter, or a blog post – if I desire too. All it takes are a few well-written words and a listening audience.

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