Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After Finals

After finals. This is the most common phrase spoken in my apartment lately. How sad is that! Life down in Provo revolves around one week, finals week. Life will be fun after finals. I will talk to my parents after finals. I will go to the gym after finals. Finals finals finals. I can't wait for the day when that one word doesn't take over all my thoughts and actions.

Unfortunately, that day is not going to come for a long time. Right now, I am looking at three more years of school. For those of you who can't add, that means I have anywhere from 6-12 more weeks of finals. I don't know if I will be able to survive all those tests. Focusing on finals becomes harder each semester. This year, I have some awesome distractions taking my attention away from finals. Hopefully my grades won't suffer! So, see ya later blogsphere. I will come back to you after finals.

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