Friday, April 22, 2011

Lately.. Well I guess not really-- the last four months summed up in a post!

Hey ya'all! Well to the two people who read my blog. IM BACK!!!!! after a long four month hiatus I have time to blog again! I have missed it big time. Here's an update.
1. I took creative writing this semester, and found out that I love to write poetry... And am actually pretty good at it!
2. Brian Doyle is my new favorite writer. Look him up. Seriously. He is AMAZING. He changed my perspective on-- well just about everything!
3. My brother is marrying the love of his life Ciera Graff- on June 9th! I can't wait for her to be my sister.. She is so amazing and absolutely perfect for my brother
4. I met the love of my life! He proposed March 12. I can't wait to get sealed to him on July 29th! He is perfect for me in every way. I am so unbelievably lucky! Isn't he handsome?

He has the most incredible family. I can't wait to have two more sisters and a younger brother!

5. I got diagnosed with Mono this semester- again. Ricki was so sweet to take care of me.. Even though all I did was sleep and cry and sleep some more.

6. I have met the most incredible people while planning mine and Ricki's wedding. I can't believe the wonderful women that are in the wedding industry in Utah. We are so unbelievable lucky! The whole experience is incredible.

7. I can't wait to spend the summer spending time with my fiancé, reading books I actually want to read, and spending time at the lake! As well as attending the many weddings of my friends (congratulations you guys!!! Everyone of you!!)

Ps- ignore the blog format I will work on it I promise!

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