Saturday, November 6, 2010

Word of the Day.


What does this word bring to mind? To me, nacreous could mean overwhelming. As in, "this is a nacreous situation." Or nacreous could be defined as "the act of being irritated." Then it would be used in the following sentence, Amy was nacreous when she came home from a bad date.

When I look at a word I haven't seen before, my imagination goes wild. Each word is a cause for an interesting vocabulary. After I learn a new word, every sentence becomes an occasion to experiment. Does the word fit here? Can I change it to an adverb, make it a noun, or use it as an adjective? The English language is full of endless possibilities. With countless words, speaking English can be a unique experience each time. Try it some time. Don't use your normal vocabulary. Stretch beyond what you know and express yourself in a new way. Sure, people will look at you weird. Sure, you will break the "status quo." But, your mind will expand and your creativity will grow!

Oh ... and by the way, nacreous by definition means lustrous and pearly. Nacreous originates from the word nacre- the shellfish that yields mother-of-pearl. I provided the word, now expand your mind! Take this word and experiment!

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