Sunday, October 24, 2010


How much can you say about nothing? Nothing can describe any situation. Nothing has no prejudices and no boundaries. It fills any open space with, well, nothing. Some days fly by with nothing. I can't remember where I went or what I did, the hours just passed. If I didn't have to write 150 words for this assignment, this blog post would be full of nothing. However, I value my grade too much to do that.

How do you deal with nothing? Sometimes nothing is good and sometimes nothing is bad. Occasionally, I wish I had a little more nothing. I wish for nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing to say, just a minute alone with my thoughts ... hopefully thoughts full of nothing. Unfortunately, I am a college student, and so nothing will just have to be postponed until -- well, let's face it -- there is never time for nothing.


  1. I love, love, love, your blog. I hadn't read for awhile, but today I caught up and was smiling the whole time. I'm going to keep up on "Keeping up with Kate". Love you ~ Mom

  2. Guess who's blog-stalking you? yup, your favorite cousin:) YOU ARE BRILLIANT and quite a lovely writer... hmmm ever dream of being a novelist?