Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's my birthday.

I am no longer a teen. One fourth of my life is complete. My twenty-first year will be the best yet!

This week, Brother Clarke challenged my class with a daunting task. We had to buy a stranger a "coke" at the store. My heart dropped. I don't talk to strangers; I barely talk. I am shy and awkward around everyone but my family. Yet here I was, left on my own in Provo to buy a random person an item. I slowly began to gain courage. "I can do this" and "you might make a new friend" filled my personal pep talk.

As I set out on this assignment, I could not find anyone to buy a "coke" for. Every time I walked in the gas station, I was alone. I went to the grocery store, twice, and no one was behind me in line. I went to the mall and couldn't find anyone to purchase a reasonably priced item for. I am in college after all, I can't buy someone's full Banana Republic purchase. By this time it was Friday and I started losing faith.

Then, late Friday night, I went to ColdStone with my friends. As the cashier rang me up, I nonchalantly-- honestly, with a little shake in my voice-- said I would like to buy the ice cream for the person behind me. The cashier looked at me curiously, but rang up for her ice cream as well. I turned around to see whom I had paid for and surprise! The person behind me was an old acquaintance. Not only did I make her day, but I also got to catch up with an old friend. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. What a great birthday wish! Thanks Brother Clarke.


  1. I had NO idea you had a blog! Sweet. I'm adding :) Allen's cous had the same assignment to buy a stranger a coke. Sounds like good times haha! Happy Birthday btw!

  2. What a cool story! I wish I would have known my "coke" would have made things a lot less awkward. I love your blog by the way:) And Happy Birthday!