Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Time for Fall

Why is it so hot? This past week has been filled with sweaty, unbearable heat. I hate heat. It is uncomfortable and should be reserved for the months of July and August. It's September! I want 70 degrees, rustic colors, chunky sweaters, thigh high boots, and butternut squash soup. I love this time of year. However, living in Utah, I feel like we never get enough of this season. We skip right from 90 degrees to a snowstorm on Halloween. This is not acceptable. I need time to experience a life full of trips to see leaves, pumpkin harvests, corn mazes, and apple cider. My birthday is during this time; instead of beautiful colors and perfect temperatures, I get grey skies and chilling rain. To get a full season of what I fully enjoy, New England needs to be my new home. I'm not quite ready for that though. I love fall but home is home. It's hot, dry, and dead. Nevertheless, its full of family, friends, and a town I love. Now which to choose- people I love or a season I love. Home wins, as always, but that will not stop my plea to the weather gods. Please, oh please can we have a longer Fall? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
My birthday last year at Sundance.

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