Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

A sign at my house reads, "we interrupt this family to bring you football season". No statement could be more accurate about my family. My family eats, breaths, and sleeps football. Fall is my favorite season because it's football season! With only one brother, more time is spent talking sports than anything else. I can tell you the greatest quarterbacks, running backs, and teams to watch for. I grew up watching and learning about football at my brother's games! Football is one of my passions. The Philadelphia Eagles are my team. I can not be considered a fair-weather fan. My team has definitely been struggling the past few years. Two years ago I sat in a frigid blizzard in Philadelphia to watch my favorite players get pummeled. They were playing the Seattle Seahawks, and the gamed ended with a score of 0-42. Even after that, my faith did not falter. Now, this season, Donovan McNabb has left to play for the Redskins. With a shaky roster and an unknown future, I stand strong for my team. If I don't stay committed to my team, then they might have no fans left. Press on Eagles, Press on. A good team and Superbowl hope might be just around the corner! Now grab a blanket and some popcorn, and sit with your family to watch Sunday Night Football. Because if family time isn't football time, then what is it?

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