Monday, June 13, 2011

True Love

1. He scratches my back and massages my feet to help me fall asleep.
2. He drives the car for my parents so they can sit in the back to read and canoodle (which is the exact thing he's doing now)
3. He hugs me EXACTLY when I need it, and holds it extra long just so I can relax.
4. He makes me try new things- and actually enjoy them (something that would rarely be the case pre-him)
5. He comes and reads all my blogs with me- enjoying them and offering his funny and very useful feedback.
6. The look he gives me right before we separate for the night- it makes my heart melt.
7. He let's me read my book while he watches basketball- even though I know he really wants me to watch with him.
8. He watches food network with me before we take a nap- and is actually starting to enjoy it!
9. He compliments me when I do my hair different- and then tells me just why he likes this new hairstyle so much.
10.He kisses me on the forehead or the cheek, just so he doesn't ruin my just applied lipstick.

weekend post coming soon- it was a blast!

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